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The new metal art from Jim Mac Studios.

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Jim is a special person. He has created a business for himself that is dear to his heart and helps him stay grounded and calm. He is a pronounced business owner and artist that has been in the creative landscape his whole life. There is a lot to say about a man of his stature. He was just a boy when he started to tinker with cars in his grandfather’s garage and would create something from a scrap of parts and random pieces. He used all forms of mechanical know how to achieve this and create som really unique pieces that would awe the world. He was a very curious child and loved to get into all sorts of mischief and create. As hey grew older and joined the entrepreneurial world it only became apparent that he did what he loved. Art and cars. He has a Business like no other where he performs the art of paintless dent removal daily. He claims it is the perfect mix of both of his passions. He get’s to work on vehicles and create art at the same time. Jim had stated ” it’s amazing to take sheet metal that has been damaged by an unknown cause or sometimes a known cause, and put it back like it was.” ” It’s wonderful to see the face of a client after we have repaired their mangled mess and given them their value back in one of their most expensive assets. Their vehicle.

He also started messing around with old car parts and creating a different kind of art that was a so creative it won him to state fair prizes. here are the examples below. They are truly unique in their own perspective.

old-chevy-hood-repurposed         true-tin-man

Truly beautiful art for any gear head or anyone to be honest. We think they are truly creative and respect the talent of Jim.

to read more about Jim and his business and creations go to www.paintlessdentrepairokcok.com

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