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Sidewalk art of today. Not your old school chalk drawings.

We have some very interesting art today for sure. The best we have seen lately and is becoming a huge trend in the chalk world is on the sidewalks of just about anywhere you go. We love teaching people the beauty of art. Here we have several students that sent in their recent art on the sidewalks from around the country. We love the imagination that has blossomed from this group and we feel our job was done well with these few. They were taught this art in a way that they could bring joy to people everywhere they go. It’s not for us, it’s for the people. Melany a graduate from our highest level class featured in the middle.

The opening

beauty and the beasts

looking into the depths

A lot goes into the pieces of art as you can see. There are hours of layering and shadowing that can take a toll on your psyche if you don’t understand the complexities and stand back for a moment to reflect and straighten your bearings to keep your art in check. The illusion is so beautiful. There is no actual depth per se. except those in the art itself.  The art is so beautiful and creative that we decided to host a competition in Austin, Tx. this next year and we will release a date at the end of this year for applicants to join. The proceeds will go to the starving artist fund of underprivileged children that would otherwise not get the chance in their current environments to be able to have the means of supplied and teachers to show them the true meaning behind the art and the joy it can bring to them and the world. We believe every child should have the chance to express themselves through art and have every opportunity to be creative. The best part is of it all they have the abilities, we just have to help them pull them out and let them shine.